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Bible Quotation on Righteousness                     Bible Quotation on Truth     
Bible quotation on hungering and thirsting after righteousness. Bible quotation from Psalms 117:2 on everlasting truth

James Madison on Tyranny                   Jean-Luc Picard on Determination

Quotation by James Madison on accumulation of powers and tyranny. 

       Dallin H. Oaks on Morality                 Harrison R. Merril on Love of Nature Dallin H. Oaks quotation on morality, laws of man and word of God.  Harrison R. Merrill quotation on  

   Rand Green on Truth                           Winston Churchill on Truth Quotation by Rand Green on deceitful claims to truth  Quotation by Winston Churchill on incontrovertible truth. 

     Bible quotation on Resurrection           Samuel Adams on Liberty and Virtue  
Biblel quotation from John 11:25 on the resurrection of Jesus  Samuel Adams quotation on liberty and virtue.

Peter Marshall on Freedom                       Michael McLean on Evil      Quotation by Peter John Marshall on freedom to do right.  Quotation by Michael McLean on evil and innocence.

    Daryl Williams on the Atonement                   Samuel Adams on Tyranny          Quotation by Daryl Williams on fearing no evil through faith in Christ.  

     Bible quotation on Armor of God                Dinesh D'Souza on Freedom       
Bible quotation from Ephesians 6:12-13
  Quotation by Dinesh D'Souza on freedom and consequences.

     Winston Churchill on Success                   Oscar Wilde on Ostentatiousness     Quotation from Winston Churchill   Quotation by Oscar Wilde. Photo of Llama. 
Mahatma Gandhi on Creation                    Rand Green on Freedom   

Quotation by Mahatma Gandhi on wonder of sunset.  Photo by Rand Green on freedom and responsibility 

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